Stud Farm Trail

The transnational bridle path and carriage way is 160 km long and is situated along the former mailing route between the State Stud Farms in Redefin and in Neustadt/ Dosse.
The 35 riding farms and 20 restaurants and catering businesses along the stud farm trail have put in a lot of effort during the last months into providing services, activities and interesting offers for people who are not riding or carriage driving. They can help you plan and enjoy a number of activities common to each and which form part of the businesses’ daily routine.


On the tracks of the old nobility

There is a wonderful charm which can be experienced again and again during this spectacularly beautiful trip. The legacy of the different principalities and dukedoms, extant in this region for a long time, still bears witness to an ancient glamour; such as the Plattenburg, one of the biggest and best-preserved moated castles which is situated directly along the bridle path. Glorious manors like the one in Eldenburg have been lovingly restored and are ideal attractions for riders and horses.


Experience a unique cultural landscape at first hand

You will not only be riding through idyllic villages but also through a breath-taking natural landscape. The southern Prignitz in Brandenburg is dotted with meadows, forests and fields that are beautifully traversed by hedges, avenues and little streams. Delightful side trips and diversions can be taken to the nearby Elbe, with its water meadows which are densely populated with all kinds of interesting bird life. Or why not take a trip northwards to the swampy districts of the Prignitz. In contrast to these landscapes stands the Southern Mecklenburg Griese Gegend: a region characterised by vast pinewoods, smooth hills, extensive meadows, fields and little fenlands.


On the road with a horse carriage

It is also possible to travel by carriage, however, this is heavily dependent on the weather and road conditions. It is therefore advisable to ask for an up-to-date road condition report from the different riding farms before starting your journey.


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