CSI***/CDN Redefin

Fantastic Competition on historical Grounds

Three Days of pure Sports and Fun


Sports in historical grounds

The Pferdefestival Redefin combines top-class sports with the cultural heritage of Mecklenburg-Pommerania in front of the stunning setting of this traditional state stud Redefin. The venerable green in front of the historical portal is the arena for the yearly prelude into the green season.

International show jumping at top-level

Join international top riders and talented aspirants in exciting competitions. The professionals fight for valuable worldrankinglist points while the youngsters proof their talents in the training classes. Spectacular riding is promised during the floodlight jumping competitions on Friday night in Six Bar and on Saturday in the Speed Derby.

Dressage: from young talents up to grand prix level
Join the young talents in the qualification competition for the german federal championships and for the reputable Nürnberger Burg-Pokal celebrating their debuts in the national dressage rings. Experience noble horses in the top tier, on grand prix niveau up to the freestyle with music.

Artistic riding and noble stallions

The state stud Redefin presents a few cut-outs of their legendary stallions parades on Friday and Saturday evening in this special atmosphere under floodlight. Shopping and smalltalk in between the competitions, the charming exhibition on the green amongst dressage arena and jumping course invites you to stroll around and have a snack at the various catering stands.


Interview with Paul Schockemöhle


There is no Entrance fee. Walk-in Entrance is free!

Seats on roofed tribunes are available from 10 € up. The Horsefestival Redefin will be worth your trip!

Since the year of 2001 the State Studs historical green in front of the impressive portal is the setting of this international competition. Nowhere else in the most northern german state you can see horse sports on such high level. Since 2010 PST Paul Schockemöhle Marketing GmbH is responsible for the organization of the CSI***/CDN Redefin.

Date: 24. – 26. May 2019

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