Our tasks and duties

The statutory purpose of the State Stud Redefin is the promotion of horse breeding, education, horse sports, as well as the promotion of old traditions, culture and the protection of the country’s historical heritage.

This purpose is realised in particular through the keeping of stallions, the extensive offer of education and the performance of different sport and tourism events.


The State Stud therefore is built on three columns:



  • Keeping stallions for the federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at 10 covering and insemination stations, including one european-wide exporting insemination station; providing high quality stallions to a suitable covering price.
  • Artificial insemination with fresh semen for extending the breeding possibilities and for improving the fertility as well as the development of the artificial insemination with frozen semen.
  • Performance tests for stallions; performance tests for broodmares; performance tests for small horse and pony breeds: the 15-days-test.
  • Foal rearing for stallion reimbursement
  • Sale of gentle trained horses for sports and hobby



  • Official Riding and Driving school for the federal state Mecklenburg- Vorpommern; approved by the FN (short for Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung)
  • Professional training of apprentices with focus on horse breeding and keeping as well as with focus on riding, training of apprentices with focus on grooming, horse keeping, as well as the professional training for a master degree in this apprenticeship;
  • Courses for Amateurs: Trainers’ license A, B and C in Riding or Carriage driving; Courses for the acquirement of the german riding and driving badges; attractive courses for everyone
  • Offers for horseowners: Gentle education and advancement in riding and/ or driving
  • Guest house for training participants
  • Guest stables and generous paddocks for our guests‘ horses


Tourism/ Events

  • Implementation of events like the yearly stallion parades, horse sports competitions or open house events
  • Rental of the historical location for cultural events such as classical concerts, exhibitions or national & international equestrian competitions (CSI**/CDN)
  • Seminars and corporate functions
  • Providing bed and breakfast facilities and guest stables with generous paddocks for riding tourists and guest horse boarding
  • Stud trail between State Stud Redefin and State Stud Neustadt/Dosse (100 mi.)
  • Profiling the state stud farm Redefin as a tourist attraction within the so called “Griese Gegend. Utilization of the historical stud farm facilities, the staff and the horses for promotional purposes of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
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