German State Studs

Conserving the best and creating something new TOGETHER

Continuous reliablity

In an ever changing world the ten German state studs stand for enduring values and reliability. The knowledge of many generations combined with the latest insights into equine breeding and management we provide for breeders passionate about their breeds. The value of this experience in modern horse breeding lies in continuous reliability, set against fast moving trends. As educational providers we pass this expertise from generation to generation.

With our century long traditions we are the cradle of national horse breeding and we also enjoy the highest reputation internationally. Since their inception the state studs have made a sustainable contribution to the regional identity. We preserve and live traditions, preserve historic stud premises, cultural landscapes and the horses as a living cultural heritage


Living heritage

The German state studs originate from a time, when horses were indispensable for transportation, agriculture and military service. For the improvement of the horse breeds the former landowners founded state studs to offer stallions of the best quality to private breeders for moderate prices. The principal studs also possessed their own mares and raised foals to generate new stallions for the federal breeding.

With the automation of agriculture and transport it came to dramatic changes which meant the end for a lot of breeding stations. The state studs changed the horse breeding from the traditional heavy breeds to modern sport and leisure horses. Today the German state studs are a living heritage, which consistently enhances while retaining traditional values.


Ambitious duties and responsibilities

The German state studs are a modern service industry with tradition and character. They are examination centres for horse breeding and sports. You will find stallions of all the well-known bloodlines, which we offer at affordable fees. Our services reach from guidance in the choice of the right stallion, to raising foals and training them and support in selling your youngsters. During breeding season we offer you competent local service with our breeding stations all over Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.


Genetic diversity

For centuries we bred breeds and types for societys’s changing needs. Today you can find heavy breeds, like the “Altmärker”, “Rheinisch-Deutsche”, “Sächsisch-Thüringische”, “Süddeutsche” and “Schwarzwälder” or thoroughbreds, heavy warmbloods, riding ponies, “Lewitzer”, and “Haflinger”. Many of them are to find on the lists of endangered species and owe their survival to the state studs, which make stallions of those breeds available to breeders passionate about their breeds. Together, breeders and state studs make an important contribution for the maintenance of genetic diversity.


The 10 german state studs

The German state studs offer reliability on highest level through the preservation of approved stallion bloodlines and the care of established mare families. Modern horse breeding with approved bloodlines which are not dominated by some short-time fashionable stallions.

Our most important duties are:

–        keeping of stallions
–        support of federal horse breeding
–        performance tests for horses
–        education and skill enhancement
–        research and development
–        preservation of a living heritage


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